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Click here and play this game. Listen to the descriptions and guess the person. Have fun!

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Here you have got two sets of possessive adjectives activities.

Possessives 1 

Possessives 2

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Click here, read the sentences and decide on the correct answer (is or are). Remember, use “is” for the singular and “are” for the plural. Have a nice weekend!

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We are a team!

And here you have three different activities about TO BE verb. 

Grammar and 5 excersises

Choose the correct answer

Order the sentences

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Click here and complete with can or can’t. Remember that the apostrophe is not the Spanish tilde. Find it in your keyboard. See you later!

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Check yourself!

Click here, choose and option for each pronoun and check what you know about the verb TO BE.

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Click here and match the actions with the corresponding phrases. Then click on check and get your score.

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Click here and test what you know about plurals. Choose a, b or c, check your answers and get your score. Good luck!


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Click here and let’s prepare our next English test.

Learning while playing is fun!

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Click here and play this game. You can be yourself or create different boys and girls. Click on the earlisten and repeat.

Have a nice weekend!

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Let’s play with this listening memory game. Click here and then click on START (orange box). Match the expressions with the corresponding pronunciation. Have fun!

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Why don’t revise numbers and letter with the Pinkelntons this afternoon? Visit Mingoville and have fun with 12 different activities. Remember, you need a UNSERNAME and a PASSWORD. Haven’t you got?

Play and practise!

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Hello students!

Here you have a website that will help you to practise your English with a funny flamingo family. First of all you have to sign up with your parents’ help. Follow the instructions and you will be ready to have fun with exercises, songs and games. Leave a comment introducing yourself and let us know your username. Remember that your password is secret. Enjoy it!

See you soon!

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