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Click here and know about Marc Chagall, an artist who always had a young heart. Enjoy these two paintings and then click on the opposite adjective. 

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Thank you Eduardo, Merry Christmas for you and your family, too.

Your talent has impressed everyone!

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Congratulations Carlos! This is really arty!

These two fantastic drawings by our classmate Carlos show us two representative and famous elements of London: the Big Ben and the traditional royal Beefeater. London is an incredible city, multicultural, beautiful and very very interesting. Carlos (3ºC), Óscar Batista (4ºC) and our classmate Daniel Mesa (4ºB) are travelling tomorrow to London (lucky!). Have a very good time there and practise your English!

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Click here to hear the “Sonata for Flute and Piano” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He wrote it when he was only eight years old, a child like you!

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Click here and know more about the painter. Remember, you can listen the words by clicking on them.

Now, leave a comment answering this question:

Does Vicent van Gogh look happy or sad in his self-portraits?

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Click here and then click on this picture bach&vangogh

Enjoy lots of wonderful Van Gogh’s paintings while listening the Brandenburg concerto number 3, by Sebastian Bach . At the end you can learn more about the great painter and the compositor. 

A gift for you eyes and your ears!

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Click on the drawing, make it bigger and enjoy all its details. They are absolutely amazing!!! 

Thank you very much Eduardo. Congratulations, you are an artist!

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