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Click here. How many different objects can you see? Click on them and count!

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Click here and complete with can or can’t. Remember that the apostrophe is not the Spanish tilde. Find it in your keyboard. See you later!

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Click here and play this game. Look at the picture and click on the action that completes the sentences. Have fun.

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Click here and have fun painting this online Christmas picture. Click on the colour and then on the part you want to paint. Colour as many different pictures as you want!

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Click here and play these three Christmas carols. Click on the nose of the reindeer with the corresponding number. Use the white glove.

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Hangman game!

Click here and play hangman with numbers from 1 to 10. Have fun!

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Click here and get the letters from the tree to make the word Monojo is saying. You can choose among these topics: colours, numbers, clothing, family, day and months, animals and the house. Have fun!

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Click here and give the snowman a hat, arms, a scarf, eyes, and a nose. Finally give him a mouth and he will sing “Ten little snowmen” for you. Have fun!

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Click here and visit the place where all the elves rest, relax and play games after a hard day’s work making toys. Find 5 things that come to life when you click them. You can also read about each elf by clicking on their picture

At the end of the page we can have fun with Disco Dancing Santa and on Game Chest you have many games. Enjoy!

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A sound machine!


Click here and play with a sound machine. Click on the green circle and then click on the objects to find out its names.

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More fun with new games!


Click here and have fun with these new games, giggles and gags.

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Click here and let’s prepare our next English test.

Learning while playing is fun!

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Another green game!


Click here and sort the waste into the right bins: glass, paper or plastic.

Love and respect for the Earth, it is beautiful!

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Click here and then click on Rubbish challenge. Now you can play this game about the 3 R: reduce, reuse and recycle. Read the instructions on How to play and have fun!

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Click here and play this game. You can be yourself or create different boys and girls. Click on the earlisten and repeat.

Have a nice weekend!

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Let’s play with this listening memory game. Click here and then click on START (orange box). Match the expressions with the corresponding pronunciation. Have fun!

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Why don’t revise numbers and letter with the Pinkelntons this afternoon? Visit Mingoville and have fun with 12 different activities. Remember, you need a UNSERNAME and a PASSWORD. Haven’t you got?

Play and practise!

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These days we are talking about jobs in 4th grade. Click here  and play a game about jobs. Click on play, bellow the picture you can see above. Read the description and change the heads, the bodies and the legs to guess the job.

Leave a comment answering this question:

What do you want to be when you grow up?

See you tomorrow and don’t forget your homework, please!

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Click here and paint the months of the year in pink and the days of the week in purple. You can play as many times as you want by clicking on play again.

Have a nice day off tomorrow Monday!

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Hi children!

Let’s revise the months of the year. Click here and then click on the blue botton START. Enjoy two musicmen singing a song about the months. You can sing with them while you are practising! Click here to play hangman while you are revising the spelling. 

Answer these two questions leaving a comment (use a dictionary if necessary):

What two instruments are the musicmen playing? 

What is your favourite instrument?

Have a nice Sunday and see you soon!

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